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Idée de team buidling créatif à l'international ICI

Quelle animation originale pour anniversaire, mariage et EVJF?

Comment organiser un séminaire team building atypique, créatif et fédérateur, qui laisse un souvenir commun?

Quelle animation close up magie portrtait silhouette caricature digitale ipad?



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International contemporary art

Art has links with the reality it is trying to influence to change its perception.

- The game as a simulation model anticipates by investigations in real situations in the field of possibilities.

- He develops action strategies.

- It helps to renew by their playful reproduction the roles social problems and behaviors.

- He modifies them and proposes other versions. Under this form, art directly exerts its action on the social reality.

- He opposes him simulated representation which results, by juxtaposition, in revealing the imperfections. Culture is no longer satisfied with being merely a leisure element, it is asserts itself as a fighting weapon. Play as an activity exercised freely, without obligation, for pleasure, is in the broad sense of the word one of the most fundamental of all artistic manifestation.

That does not mean that art is a free occupation without a specific objective. It's not just activity escape oriented towards fiction.

"Any game, like any medium of information, is a extension of the individual or group. Its effect on the group or the individual, is that of a reconfiguration of those parts of the group or individual that are not extended or extended. A work of art has no existence or function apart from these effects on the men who observe it. And art, like games or popular arts, and like communication media, has the power to impose its own postulates by placing the human community in new relationships and new attitudes. " Art like games is a translation of experience. What we have already felt or seen in a certain situation, we find him suddenly incarnated in a new material ". (4)
Manifesto for an aesthetic of communication by Fred Forest 1983
4) Marshall Mc Luhan, "To understand the media", Mame Seuil, Paris, 1968, page 266.